Pascal Garnier is a famous artist from France. He takes his passion for the Ocean and over 10,000 scuba dives, to discover his gift for art. All of his Painting are oil on canvas.Below is a sample of one of his more famous painting. Pascal has a boutique of scuba paintings on Etsy.


Besides just paintings, Pascal also has a collection of books that he is creating to show his art and also help with fish Identification. His first of the series of 4 books is the Divers Log Book to Raja Ampat.  Below you can click on the cover to go to Amazon to purchase my book.

Scuba Divers Log Book to Raja Ampat

Lastly Pascal Garnier is a Ocean Conservationist. He spends lots of his time with marine charities to help the environment. To contact Arts Oceans please contact me at the information below.

Pascal Garnier – Pascal@artsocean.com

Arts Oceans

22 Chemin de Queyron

33230 Lagorce, France

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